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Apocalyptic Blues

Experience the SONIC COSMIC ride of MEMNON SA “World Serpent”

From the very first moment I heard Memnon Sa years ago, I knew that this project was way beyond special! I still feel that way, and maybe even more so. The new Memnon Sa album entitled World Serpent is an outergalactic sound wave of expression. When I hear music like this, it makes me happy to be alive – even if the world around me is trying to strangle the life out of me. To know that people like Memnon Sa are on the planet creating music gives me hope! When you hear the full power of this music you’ll understand this is a cosmic journey that we all need to take. Imagine if Radiohead shape-shifted into Sleep’s Dopesmoker and painted the universe in a Sun Ra rainbow – the outcome just might sound like World Serpent. We’ve been given the honor of sharing the title track from their new record below. This powerful audio masterpiece will be released on April 3rd via Crypt Of The Wizard and Holy Mountain.Preorder link is here!

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Relapse DF 92123
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