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Melt Your Mind to the powerful new PORTRAYAL OF GUILT Visual “2020 WILL BURN IN HELL FOREVER”

Artwork by Chris Taylor (Pg. 99, Malady, Pygmy Lush).

I love sonic art that knows no boundaries, which is why I can’t get over the new album from portrayal of guilt called We Are Always Alone. I have nothing but respect for Closed Casket Activities releasing this really special offering on January 29th. Trust me when I say that this record is going to push your wig back and then some. We Are Always Alone is full of incredible sonic textures that are straight-up mind melting! Right here and now, it’s time to check out their “2020 WILL BURN IN HELL FOREVER” visual performance, and make sure to pre-order their new album HERE!

Artwork by Chris Taylor (Pg. 99, Malady, Pygmy Lush).

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