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Apocalyptic Blues

Listen To The Otherworldly Shape-Shifting Soundscapes Of OFFERMOSE “Stilhedens Tårn”

My sense of self is high right now! My sense of self is free right now! My sense of self is empowered right now, by the sounds of the new OFFERMOSE record entitled Stilhedens Tårn that comes out on Oct.16th via Third Coming Records & Pomperipossa Records. These soundscapes shape-shift into monolithic tidal waves of sound that take over your imagination! As I listen to this album, I find myself handing over my reality to the creative spirit of OFFERMOSE as he guides me into his universe of sound! As our reality is being destroyed by outside forces, I find solace in the beautiful, dramatic audio tapestries of this album. This offering from OFFERMOSE moves me while at the same time heals me and I feel honored to share with you Stilhedens Tårn in full below – make sure to pre-order this new cinematic classic here!

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Sentient 51423

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