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Black Metal

Listen to the Malevolent Black Metal // Death Rock of
DEVIL MASTER’s Gates of Pain

Kassandra C & A.P.

Is there a Deathrock // Black Metal crew that can fuck with DEVIL MASTER? They are the only group that can combine the chaotic cold angst of one with the morbid sonic tempest of the other! The band have recently signed to Relapse Records, who have compiled all of the band’s recordings to date and releasing on vinyl as a comp called Manifestations on Nov. 2nd. Check out this audio video for the DEVIL MASTER song “Gates of Pain.” Make sure to keep your eye out for their Relapse Records debut that comes out in 2019. Right here and now, you can pre-order Manifestations HERE!


Photo: Kassandra C & A.P.

Oct 31: Brooklyn, NY – Brooklyn Bazaar (w/ Christian Death)
Nov 03: Miami, FL – Churchill’s Pub ‘Ballbusters on Parade 2018 Fest’
Jan 11: Baltimore, MD – Metro Gallery (w/ Integrity & Genocide Pact)
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Relapse 10-4

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