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Experience The Brutal Maniacal Mechanical Hardcore of CANDY’s “Its Inside You”

Art by @joe_chatt

Hell Fucking yes, the new CANDY album It​’​s Inside You out now on Relapse Records slaps HARD AF!!! From the very first song “eXistenZ,” I realized that it would be one of my favorite Hardcore Releases of 2024 because this band creates all-out RAGE MUSIC! Listening to them is like being trapped in an industrial apocalyptic machine on full blast! Imagine if Atari Teenage Riot decided to manifest the sickest Hardcore record ever, the outcome might come close to It​’​s Inside You.

CANDY are creative humans who aren’t afraid of showing their love for Jungle and other forms of electronic music which makes me even more of a fan. Their anthems of fury are layered feral soundscapes that are complex like a sonic rubrics cube! The song “Love Like Snow” is beyond awesome and I love that they are willing to show another side of themselves musically. CANDY also molds melodies into shapes of audio torment and drags the listener into their world.

Hot damn, the breakdowns you will experience on this album are mammoth and maniacal!!! There is something cinematic about It​’​s Inside You, and I suggest you blast the whole record so that you can truly feel the brilliance of this LP. “Terror Management” is a 1:30 storm of terror that you will not want to end. When CANDY tours this year, make sure to go see them because their live show is fucking LIT!

Written By

Sentient 51423

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