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Avant Garde

Video Pick of the Week! LAW OF THE NIGHT “Painless Guilt”

The time is now for you to watch the “Painless Guilt” video by Law Of The Night. This project takes beats and dips them in acid before bathing them in dirge. These facts make their twisted/haunted soundscapes addictive and very engaging! On the real, Law Of The Night is more punk than most punk bands, because they don’t mind taking chances with their creative spirit which makes what they put out interesting as FUCK!

Ever think about giving up? When you’ve become so numb to content, social interaction, scrolling, tapping, and multi-tasking…when you can’t even use the bathroom without checking up on what everyone else is doing? When life isn’t bad and you’re certainly not upset or angry…you’re just bored. When the feed won’t refresh, how will you go on?

“Painless Guilt” comes from the debut follow-up two song cassette Cut From The Wrong Cloth. Call (720) 663-8575 or visit this web address to stay perpetually connected.
Law Of The Night:
09-25 Denver, CO – Hi-Dive


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