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Watch the surreal visual from LAMNIFORMES “Hypothermia (Saint Thrillah Mix)”

Do I feel free today to me? Do I feel free today to express myself? Do I feel free today to have no negative self-talk floating around my brain? The answer to all three questions is YES! Part of what is making me feel so powerful today is the sounds of LAMNIFORMES You Can’t Do This Alone because every song is a Sad-Happy anthem that goes deep into my soul. His music hits me in the same place that the new Thom Yorke album hits me. I know for a fact even in my sadness I can find happiness because songs like “Hypothermia (Saint Thrillah. Mix)” only prove that! Every song on You Can’t Do This Alone is a remix and at that same time, every song on this record speaks to the human condition in us all. It’s now time for y’all to check out the visual for “Hypothermia (Saint Thrillah Mix)” below and get in tune with LAMNIFORMES. Preorder it here.

Video directed by Richard Gin. Special Effects by Cammi Upton.
Cover art by Joseph Klomes.
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