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Death Rock

Junkyard! Rare The Birthday Party // Lydia Lunch 1982 Performance

I love The Birthday Party. When they were at the top of their game, no band was more original. These weirdos were super death rock on some sleazy vodun styles without ever labeling themselves. The Birthday Party is a perfect example that some of the most interesting music was created by ex-punks. When I listened to them when I was young, I always felt like little monsters were dancing around my brain. Everyone knows that Nick Cave was one of the sickest frontmen to ever stalk a stage. He was the right balance of James Brown on some next shit and Screaming Jay Hawkins on some living dead shit! This is why today CVLT Nation is celebrating the almighty The Birthday Party with live footage of them and Lydia Lunch from 1982.



[youtube id=”Lva0-GHt_4E”]


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