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Into the color scheme of SEIZURES’ newest offering..

“Reverie of the Revolving Diamond” will be available October 4th digitally, limited edition vinyl through the bands own label Sun Terrace Records and a limited run of cassettes through Portrayal of Guilt. Eleven songs that dive into a narrative of chaos, beauty, addiction, debauchery and death surrounding the bands hometown and travels. Seizures have set out to release an album they’ve never heard before while paying homage to their favorite sounds and influences..

..from guitarist Albert Navarro…

“With each track retaining it’s own personality and mood, In a Valley of Twilight Meres was seen as a sort of plunge from the sidereal realm into the aquatic. Various parts gave us an opportunity to expand musically whilst keeping the listener on their toes with angular and discordant riffage interspersed throughout. The lyrical approach deals with regret, acceptance and reconciliation. This piece offers a spectrum of colors while maintaining a moving narrative and would be deemed a quintessential representation of Seizures’ newest statements.”

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