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Immerse Your Mind in the Experimental Bliss of NON SERVIAM “The World is a Vampire”

I remember when Smashing Pumpkins released “Bullet with Butterfly Wings” and my friends and I would get stoned and play vampires in the woods while singing it. Almost three decades later, I’ve got new music to listen to as I get high and wander in forests. And that’s what I’m planning on doing with the new Non Serviam split with Gallkrist, aka Vivian Slaughter of Gallhammer. Letting this music send its mycelium into my brain so I can step into the unadorned darkness of a wintery forest to feel like I’m a part of something that makes sense.

On the single we’re lucky to be premiering today, “The World Is A Vampire,” Non Serviam captures the essence of the universe’s chaotic patterns with a wild and untamed atmosphere of samples, electronics, ethereal melodies, and bestial vocals. Trepanation Recordings and Bad Moon Rising are putting this rad record out — pre-order it here quick because it’s selling out. Right now, step into the wilderness as you immerse yourself in “The World Is A Vampire”…and make sure to check out Gallkrist’s single “In The Shadow of Winter” as well.

Art by George Ziel
Vivian Slaughter
Written By

Sentient 51423

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