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hypnotic mix Death Rock Meets distorted trap beats! Listen to NON SERVIAM “I Will Kill You”

I have a question for y’all…How can Non Serviam get any better? The answer is this band is limitless when it comes to creating music that will change the way you hear music! Their creative spirit has no boundaries or walls. I want y’all to imagine the Theater of Pain-era Christian Death being trapped in the ATL where they decided to make an album with the Dungeon Family. The outcome would sound like the new Non Serviam song “I Will Kill You.” This fucked in the Death Rock Trap anthem is beyond fucking good. Actually, it’s so rad that it has Lux Interior shaking his hips in his grave. Non Serviam’s new EP Il Pleut Partout Derrière comes out on Nov. 21st via Trepanation Recordings. Y’all can pre-order it HERE!

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