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How C.I.A. Brought Tons of Heroin To USA…
The French Connection Documentary

For many different reasons, I don’t put too much faith in the American government when it comes to them doing what’s right for humanity, especially when there is a profit to be made. There are so many things that they have done for the benefit of their evil ways – all you have to do is peep this feature Top 13 Most Evil US Government Experiments on Humans. You can also peep this very interesting documentary by Al Profit entitled The French Connection Documentary. This film breaks down how the US and other governments worked together with organized crime to bring vast quantities of heroin onto American streets. When I think of the real evil in the world, this is it, because of how many lives have been destroyed because of this drug.


The French Connection was one of the biggest criminal conspiracies in history. For over 25 years, French Corsicans, helped out by the US and French governments in exchange for political dirty work, flooded the streets of America with heroin. Without the French Connection, there would be no American Gangsters Frank Lucas or Nicky Barnes, and the Italian Mafia would have been much less powerful. This is the true story of the French Connection and its impact on American history.



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