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How Awesome Can Hardcore Punk Get? Blast BASUKO S/T and Find OUT!

📷: @ie_x_cruz

I have a feeling that my new favorite Hardcore Punk Band BASUKO might end up being y’all’s new favorite Hardcore Punk Band as well! I can’t stop listening to their debut because it’s sonically addictive. All of their songs charge their way into your reality and explode into HUGE Punk eargasms. When I hear songs like “Standard” I say to myself, has this band created the sickest debut of 2022 or what?? I don’t know yet, but I will say that BASUKO is a band that y’all should watch because they are gnarly! The musicianship y’all are going to experience on this record will push your wig back for sure. This band’s music is super intense but also full of aggressive RAGE that I can’t get enough of! “High Functioning” is a Hardcore Punk anthem that has a breakdown in it that makes me happy to be alive! BASUKO makes aggro jams that Punks totally lose their shit to, and I’m down for the get-down!

Check out the full set that we have for y’all below. Word on the street is that Under The G*n Records will be releasing their debut on 7-inch. I want to give everyone in BASUKO a major shout-out for creating one of my favorite Hardcore Punk records of 2022 — REAL TALK!

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