Heavy Music for the Masses! WEEDIAN Vol. I

If you know doom then you better know WEEDIAN – one of the net’s best sources for everything doom/stoner/Sleep-worship. Our tastes align perfectly with everything Weedian brings to the underground music table, so we are so excited about their new comp being released on Blues Funeral Recordings! There are some familiar names on this mammoth comp, but also some new ones I’m stoked to explore. You can pick this up right now right here for only $4.20, and stream it below to see what new heavy tunes you need in your life!

“This will be the first volume in the Weedian comp series. I chose these bands because these are who I’ve been digging a lot lately. Although it’s pretty heavily tilted towards doom, there are some stoner and other styles of bands in there. I hope that you enjoy the music and the sick artwork by Brouemaster who has been churning out some incredible stuff lately.” – WEEDIAN

Art by Brouemaster

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