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Heavy Hour : (((9))) Feat:
Atriarch.Jex Thoth.Cloud Rat. and Many More

Heavy Hour 9 pix

Cyanic is a blistering Black/Death Metal band that manipulates sound within the maniacal realms of suffocation found in Grindcore from San Jose (((California))). Their drummer, Jason Bursese, also lends his talents to Black Fucking Cancer and recently filled in on multiple shows with Dispirit. Their vocalist, Andre Cornejo, is my favorite vocalist in Underground Metal and Punk; he also performs in DeathgraVe a new band featuring Greg from Earhammer Studios & Brainoil, as well as a Grindcore band called Disinhibition. Captured at The Legionnaire in Oakland on 4-3-14.

Cyanic on Bandcamp

Cloud Rat is a Grindcore band from Mount Pleasant (((Michigan))). This was my first time checking them out, and they ruled. This is a new unnamed song from them. Captured on 4-18-14 at the legendary 924 Gilman St. You can catch footage of them playing a few days later in Oakland here.

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Cloud Rat Bandcamp

Thou is a Sludge band from Baton Rouge (((Louisiana))). This is their hit single along with a guest vocal throwdown. Captured at a day show in a downtown warehouse in Oakland on 4-20-14. You can find more footage of them on my YouTube channel, including their full set here and their set at The Gilman two days prior.

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Fiend is a ferocious Grindcore band from Fresno (((California))). Earlier this day, Fiend & Swamp Witch played together on KFJC 89.7FM and the recordings came out awesome. We are doing a split together with them that will be available later this year. (((¿Any U.S. & European labels interested in putting it out on Vinyl?))) After the radio show, we ate at Falafel Drive-In (Highly recommend if going through San Jose) and then went straight to this show, where they loaded in and destroyed. They ripped out 3 killer shows this weekend and this was their final performance of the trip. Captured at a house show in Oakland.

Fiend on Bandcamp

Chaos Tribe is a pummeling Punk Rock band from Fresno (((California))). Unrelenting, charged, vicious punks that exist within the abyss. Their high energy had the crowd enthralled and moving throughout the entirety of their set.

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Deras Krig is a ravenous Punk Rock band from Santa Rosa (((California))). D-Beat Destruction, Pogo Pits and Crowd surfing fueled the intensity of this performance.

Deras Krig Bandcamp

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Atriarch is a Blackend Death Rock/Doom band from Portland (((Oregon))). They are masters of Tone and Heaviness and have recently landed a deal with Relapse Records. These are all new songs that they will be recording with Underground Superstar Producer/Engine-Ear Billy Anderson that will be released this Fall.

Atriarch Bandcamp

Jex Thoth is an enchanted Psyche Rock/Doom band originally formed in San Francisco that currently resonates from Madison (((Wisconsin))). Their music and live performance is Atmospherically Lush and Entrancing. Here’s a majority of their set that I captured at The Uptown.

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Jex Thoth on Bandcamp

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Music appreciator, Videographer & Tape pusher. Currently residing in the Bay Area. My goal is to bring exposure to Bands/Artists that I think are worthwhile. Follow my video archive at: http://www.youtube.com/user/hellsasick Follow my music label at: http://transylvaniantapes.bandcamp.com/

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