Heavy Hour (((((10))))) – Featuring Dispirit, Gravecode Nebula, Lluvia, Bog Oak & more!

Thanks for tuning into the tenth installment of the Heavy Hour!

DeathgraVe is new Hardcore Punk band from San Jose/Oakland(((California))). Featuring members of Brainoil, Cyanic, & Bird, this pummeling pedigree delivers on all fronts. They is some of the earliest footage of a killer new bay area band.

Bog Oak is a new Doom band from Sacramento/San Jose(((California))). Their s/t debut release came out earlier this year and immediately caught the attention of Svart Records based out of Finland. They are recording at Shark Bite Studios in Oakland and are expected to have a release out on Svart Records this fall. This is footage I captured at their second live performance.

Badr Vogu is a Sludge/Doom Metal band from Oakland(((California))). I put out their latest recording, “Agglomeration MMXIV“, on my label, “Transylvanian Tapes“, and this was the tape release show as well as their United States tour kickoff.

Lluvia is a mysterious Black Metal band from León(((Mexico))) & Santa Cruz. The main entity behind this project, Lord Vast, has made a name for himself over the last couple of years playing in The Rain in Endless Fall as well as Blut Der Nacht. This is the first footage of Lluvia captured and available online.

Gravecode Nebula is a Black/Doom Metal band from Salt Lake City(((Utah))). Their first full length, “Sempiternal Void”, is an incredibly vicious exploration of crushing aural mayhem. This summer they set out to tour the West-Coast, but unfortunately their van broke down early on. Through the power of social media they were able to find rides to transport all 6 of them and their gear to make it out to their show in Oakland, and I was there to capture this. They will be back, and I’d recommend checking them out if you like insanely heavy and tortured Doom Metal.

Dispirit is an extremely Heavy band from Oakland(((California))). Dispirit is not only one of the best bands in the Bay Area, but they are one of the best bands in the Country. This performance ruled and was absolutely enthralling. I couldn’t help but smile and feel fortunate to get to experience the sonic devastation. One of my good friends, Trevor DeSchryver, who also crushes in Lycus, recently joined Dispirit on drums. I have known Trevor for several years and for as long as I have known him he has worshiped Asunder and Weakling, which were the bands that eventually spawned into Dispirit. Words can’t describe the feeling of accomplishment of getting to achieve your dreams and playing alongside your idols. This was my first time getting to see Trevor play drums with Dispirit and he’s is without a doubt one of the best drummers in the Bay Area. Dispirit will be touring the Pacific Northwest on August 27-31st, if you get the chance to see them – DO IT!


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