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Galician Folk Splendor: SANGRE DE MUERDAGO – “Os Segredos da Raposa Vermella” EP Out Now

Greetings – we just wanted to inform you that today’s most entrancing folk ensemble – Sangre De Muerdago – have just released a brand new EP titled Os Segredos da Raposa Vermella which is once again packed with the band’s signature timeless and spectacular folk music inspired by the ancient Galician tradition, an ancestral region of Spain from which the band originally comes from albeit now being based in Germany. Sangre De Muerdago write songs which are deeply rooted in the ancient folklore and in the mystical traditions of their mother land. This is music that reaches back into an unknown and timeless past of tales and legends, where people lived life immersed in nature, both worshipping it, fearing it, being consumed by it and absorbing it. This is visionary folk music that echoes out in present times through the sapient and mesmerizing use of flutes, tambourines, classical guitar, violins, and accordions, bringing with it a massive palette of emotions, scents, tastes, odors, and traces from another world, and bearing huge evocative force – enveloping the listener within a shrine of dreams and visions of times long gone, and of places and people, and animals, which live on only in our most fervent imagination and most  vivid dreams, as if the band is attempting to transform our surroundings into a lucid fairytale….

This is what the band had to say about their new work:

Before humans started building with concrete and steel, much earlier before machines reigned, and the steam locomotive was invented. There was a little red fox that wandered through the woods of the iberian northwest, in a land where its people were known as the Galaicos. This red fox liked to listen to the melodies of the leaves and the stones, to the songs of the streams and flowers, and she sung and sung and whistled as she wandered through the forests looking for food and adventures. Until one day she knew so many songs, more songs than any other red fox in those woods. Even more songs than the ravens themselves. Afraid of forgetting those beautiful melodies, she decided to start writing a little book with her favourite songs. The book had a cover of moss and paper of birch bark, and on its pages she wrote and drew.

Many centuries later, these are our attempts to interpret some of those melodies once lost and found again, that carried in their notes an essence of times long gone. And with it we want to honor that little red fox. We also want to honor the traditional melodies from Galicia and Bretagne you’ll find in this record, the melodies of Milladoiro, the best folk band ever existed. And of course our own celebration of life and music, since some of these melodies where found in Pablo’s pockets written in old pieces of paper in a forgotten language. The little red fox said: “Sing, sing to the Moon, sing to the trees and the stars, for their songs are never gone.”

You can grab physical copies of this sonic treasury from another world straight from Neuropa Records and or straight from the band through their own imprint Música Máxica.

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