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80s Hardcore

Fugazi reworked Into Shoegaze!
Steady Gaze of Nothing – A Reverence to Fugazi Comp.

Am I a Fugazi Fan? Yes! Am I a Shoegaze Fan? Yes! Am I a fan of the new comp called Steady Gaze of Nothing – A Reverence to Fugazi? Hell Yes! So peep this – the Brazilian label The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records are the curators of the comp that I am speaking of above. They got together 13 bands from around the world to rework Fugazi tunes on a Shoegaze tip, and I must say it sounds pretty damn tight! If you like what you hear, then you should buy it and support! Much respect to all of the bands who took part in this project, plus The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records for making it happen!


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