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Fuck Life Dance to the sounds of NATION UNREST’s In The Crush

We are honoured to exclusively present the full stream of the debut EP ‘Hard Rhythm Electronics For A Burning World’ from the brand new London based EBM / punk outfit Nation Unrest.

‘Hard Rhythm Electronics For A Burning World’ is a thumping first release and is guaranteed to make your body convulse. Featuring the tracks ‘In The Crush’, ‘Below’, ‘As You See It’ and and Evil Dust remix.

This debut release sees the London based duo fuse industrial drum machine driven rhythms with the pulse of 80’s / 90’s european EBM. All bought to life by analogue synths and a visceral punk intensity.

Nation Unrest is made up of Joshua Smith (Chain of Flowers) & Callum Graham (Natural Assembly).

The duo also form part of the Total Control Collective and the cassette from Nation Unrest marks the London collectives first release.

You can pre-order the cassette here.

Stream on Soundcloud here.

Stream on Bandcamp here.

Writer based in Cardiff, Wales. I play in bands & write about the music I love.

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