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Tap into the demented Filthy Sludge of GANGRENED “Triptaani”


Unholy Awesome Sludge Time! The new Gangrened is so fucking good! Straight up, this band is killing it with their new release Deadly Algorithm that comes out on April 9th via Violence In The Veins (Spain), Kohina Records (Finland) Odio Sonoro (Spain), Burial Records (Spain), Domestic System (Spain), Noizeland Records (Spain) and Quebranta Records (Spain), with the CD edition out through Trepanation records. They’re flipping the genre of Sludge on its head and have injected it with their own demented spirit, and I can’t get enough of it! Their music is modern-day sonic despair mixed with unhealthy doses of Downtuned Blues! It’s time for y’all to tap into Gangrened’s new song “Triptaani” that we’re streaming below! Right now, Deadly Algorithm has gained a spot on our end of the year 2021 Sludge list for sure!

Then comes “Triptaani”, with its kind of Unsane-ish mean riffing blending heaviness and noise rock at the beginning of the song to end really atmospheric, intense, and filthy at the same time.

LPs will be black (200 copies) and transparent (100 copies), CDs will be a 6 pannels digipack (50 copies). Soon we will publish info about pre-orders.

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Sentient 51423

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