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Fearless Vampire Killers…The BAD BRAINS Documentary

From 1979 to 1982, the sickest band in the world was Washington D.C’s BAD BRAINS. Without even trying, they helped to create hardcore as we know it; if you asked Minor Threat or S.O.A who was their biggest influence, hands down they would say BAD BRAINS. From day one, these humans were on some next shit. I’m just saying, when you hear the music they were pounding in ’79, it would make your head spin. Then fast forward to 1982, when the ROIR cassette came out, which just fucking blew everyone’s minds, mine included (I remember how excited I was ripping the plastic off of it; my cassette was green). Hardcore around the world sung the praises of this band for the way that their music got us all high, and real aggressive in a positive way! When I listen to this album today, I’m still amazed, because there is not one lame second on this piece of hardcore history. Let’s not forget about how many punks got turned on to the radical revolutionary sounds of reggae by the BAD BRAINS – kids would slam dance and skank at their shows. Listening to them was killer, but seeing them live in ’82 was the real move, because from what all of my homies told me, they were fucking ballistic. I only heard stories about their live gigs, because for some reason my mother would always put me on punishment whenever they came to Los Angeles, and that’s one of my life’s biggest regrets. Anyway, life goes on, I’m not mad at my mother anymore –okay, maybe just a little! Today, CVLT Nation are extra stoked to share with you the Bad Brains Documentary. Word on the street back in the day is that bands were afraid to perform after them, because they would just totally sonically wreck shop. Witness the electricity of the BAD BRAINS and the birth of hardcore!


[youtube id=”MYUu59-TaGo”]


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