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Certified Classic! Experience FALCON OUTLAW // DANIEL SON’s ‘The Tzu Keepers’

No face No case the new FALCON OUTLAW // DANIEL SON album The Tzu Keepers that is out now on High Heat Records ain’t a safe space for 5.0. These two extraordinary MCs have come together to manifest one of the sickest Hip Hop records of the past decade. FALCON OUTLAW is able to balance Yardman slang with picture-perfect wordplay that can’t be fucked with! I’m just saying, this human is more witty and lyrical than Super Cat the Wild Apache. Don’t get it twisted — DANIEL SON is a master of spitting some deep syllables that will open up your 3rd eye and will have you examine what you think is real.

The Tzu Keepers is laden with 14 tracks that will give a glance into the minds of these two elite MCs. I can’t front, the beats they chose to represent suit both of their styles perfectly. FALCON OUTLAW // DANIEL SON have nothing to prove and are comfortable in their creative skin which makes this album so rad. I respect the way they worked with many different producers on this album, but as a project it sounds beyond cohesive. The Tzu Keepers is not only a sonic event that should be heard, but this record will travel deep down into your soul. As you listen to “One Bar,” you will realize these two have created unreal dynamic Hip Hop Duo that represents for those that don’t have a voice. The Tzu Keepers is slow boiling pot of cooked food that will feed your brain cells while it uplifts you! I want both FALCON OUTLAW and DANIEL SON to know that they are two of my favorite MCs doing it right now and forever. Dream on Dreamers, we are all warriors…Don’t wash your face in my sink — if you know, you know!

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Relapse DF 92123
Sentient 51423

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