Experience this psychedelic soundscape from LUNACY “Imminent”

Over the course of the past 4 years we have covered LUNACY many times, and watched this project morph into soundscapes that can’t be captured simply by the written form. When you hear this music, you realize the true power of sound and how something fluid and fragile can be so heavy. LUNACY is sonic art that is truly transcendental. Age of Truth is the debut album that we have all been waiting for – physical copies will finally touch down to earth on Nov. 22nd via THIRD COMING and can be pre-ordered HERE! LUNACY has created an outergalatic collection of mind-melting hymns that might not be understood for decades to come. I love the music so much on Age of Truth because I know it was created with pure passion, and with each listen I travel to a universe where the madness of this world doesn’t exist! I feel beyond honored to share the new LUNACY visual for “Imminent” with you today!


The ongoing theme in “Age of Truth” is coming to
terms with the aging of mankind and the damage
that the human race is responsible for. The Ripple
is an effect or idea that one seemingly small factor that is wrong, or one small incorrect decision
can have an effect that is both long-lasting and
far-reaching. It is hard to take a step back and
look to the future in such a fast-paced and instantaneous world, but even with such foresight and
accountability now, it may be too late to undo what
has been set into motion.

“Age Of Truth” mixed by Connor Clasen (IXVLF) + Oliver Ackermann (APTBS / Death By Audio) – Full album available from Third Coming Records November 22nd, 2019 – Distributed by Fantastique

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