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Apocalyptic Blues

Witness the post-industrial oblivion of LUNACY’s new visual “Glyph”

My mind is open. My spirit is free. My 3rd Eye is clear. My mind is free of negative self-talk. All of these things are taking place as I listen to the new LUNACY record Echo In The Memory. Today I want to share with y’all his new visual for the song “Glyph” that was shot by @mvtant666). With every project from this human, I find myself becoming more of a fan!

“Glyph” rides a framework of crunchy Berlin School synthesizers across the Uncanny Valley to post-industrial oblivion: a metaverse of hallucinatory psychoacoustic vocals embedded within genre-bending electronics and wisps of reverberated guitars. Like the salvaged equipment used in its construction, “Glyph” scours the scrapyards of industrial, shoegaze, post-punk and noise music to erect a patchwork obelisk of electronic circuitry and magnetic tape.


More than just a musical project, LUNACY is a visual and auditorial experience. I once stated about this dystopian shadow figure, “When you hear this music, you realize the true power of sound and how something fluid and fragile can be so heavy. LUNACY is sonic art that is truly transcendental. ” Now he is about to continue his story with the release of Echo In The Memory that comes out in April 2022 via Dedstrange.

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