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Death Rock

Experience The Gloomy Deathbeat Of HOURS OF WORSHIP “There by the Window”

Sometimes it takes sad music to make you happy. Case in point is the new HOURS OF WORSHIP album The Cold That You Left that comes Aug. 19th via Iron Bonehead Productions. Over the course of ten Gloomy Dirge-infused anthems, this band shows the world how special they are! Real Talk, it’s like listening to Sisters of Mercy being chopped and screwed by DJ Screw. HOURS OF WORSHIP’s vocals slowly creep into my mind and explode into dark ray of morbid bliss! I can say for a fact that no one else is releasing anything that sounds like The Cold That You Left. I feel so honored to turn y’all on to the new HOURS OF WORSHIP song “There by the Window” below. I want to salute the band for manifesting a chilling and powerful album that will truly make my sad days happy!

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