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Apocalyptic Blues

Experience the aerial and dreamy descent of Offermose “Sjælens Ruin”

All of my pain is going away! All of my thoughts are floating in space! Everything around me seems brighter and I can’t stop listening to the new Offermose single called “Sjælens Ruin.” We’re beyond excited to be sharing with you this lush, ethereal anthem today. His new album will be coming out this fall via the always next level Third Coming Records. It should be noted that the song you’re about to hear below is highly addictive and will cause you to press replay non-stop. We salute Offermose for creating this majestic piece of music that allows us to dream about a beautiful today and tomorrow! The official release date for this killer single is May 8th, but you get to hear it today!

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Apocalyptic Blues

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