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Death Metal

Experience Primitive & Raw Death Metal of VACUOUS DEPTHS “Corporal Humiliation”

WTF WTF WTF!!! The new album from Vacuous Depths is filthy like a 10,000 foot pile of human fecal matter. Every riff has been dipped in the blood of the corrupt and will suffocate them in their own hate. This band creates the kind of Death Metal that will have the undead dancing on the graves of the KKK. Vacuous Depths don’t make songs they manifest dark chambers of sonic torment were only night terrors exist! They spit in the faces of our downpressors and give me the energy I need to take a major stand against those that want to do me harm. Sonically, their new album Corporal Humiliation is a huge middle finger to all of posers who are not willing to head bang for our right to FIGHT! There is not one weak moment on this record and maybe thats why I’ve got it on repeat! It’s a fucking honor to share the title track that is streaming below. Vacuous Depths’ new record comes out on Nov. 4th via Goat Throne Records (US), Blood Harvest Records (EU), and Chaos Records (MX)

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Sentient 51423

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