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Power Violence

Harsh, Fast and LOUD AF! Experience LIVID’s new song “Say Your Goodbyes”

2 minutes of Rage, 2 minutes of Fury, 2 minutes of awesomeness — created by LIVID! Unholy fuck yes, their soon-to-be-released album Compiled Hatred is hotter than a four alarm FIRE! This band’s music is punishing and full of unhinged passion. I know for a fact that this offering from LIVID is going to be on our end of the year Powerviolence/Hardcore list. I really do feel honored to share with y’all their new single “Say Your Goodbyes” streaming below. I want to give props to Twelve Gauge Records for releasing Compiled Hatred on Oct. 21st ( y’all can get y’all’s pre-order on HERE & HERE!).

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Relapse DF 92123
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