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Apocalyptic Blues

Expand your universal consciousness to the visuals of Mission to the Sun

Are you free to be yourself? Are you free to hear yourself? Are you free right now so that I can turn you on to this rad new band called Mission to the Sun? This project is being released on one of our favorite labels, felte Records, on April 2nd. Their album is called Cleansed By Fire (pre-order in effect HERE!) and it’s full of mournful hymns that will uplift your mind while putting you in a state of dirge! Fuck genres, Mission to the Sun manifests soundscapes that are in a universe all of their own. I love music like this because it makes me feel free to be me! I’m really stoked to share with you this epic visual for their song “Cleansed By Fire” with Animation by Socpens.

“Like a flame that clings to a burning coal, fire transforms gross matter into another state, yet one needs the other. The flame extends itself above but can’t detach. It is dependent on the coal. Similarly, the coal can’t detach from the flame. It would become a mute lump of charcoal.. and so we burn forever. The video for “Cleansed by Fire” romanticizes the drive for purification of spirit by fire.”

Photo by  Katie Wilfong
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