Exclusive CVLT Nation Streaming:WHORLS “Petrichor” - CVLT Nation
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Exclusive CVLT Nation Streaming:
WHORLS “Petrichor”

Death by one listen…This could happen to you after you start blasting the new WHORLS album entitled “PETRICHOR,” which is a mammoth tempest of swirling soundwaves of death. Each track peels away at your skin with blistering riffs that will leave you scared for your life! WHORLS have made a statement with this record, and are on a mission burn down the world with their flames of rage. CVLT Nation is streaming this whole vex heavy affair below… WHORLS are releasing their album via these labels: MONOTONSTUDIORECORDSManiyax Records, 5FeetUnder Records, GRAINS OF SAND RECORDS, Bookhouse Records, The Path Less Traveled Records and Wolves And Vibrancy Records…Pre-Order “PETRICHORHERE!

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