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Enter the Trip Hop Visual that is Public Memory’s “Cruel”

Hey, Public Memory I want to say thank you for releasing a new album today! I need your music in my life in a major way. This band means to me today what Massive Attack meant to me in the 90s. I can’t get enough of this project, which is why I’m so excited about the release of Elegiac Beat via Felt Records. I’m super happy to share with y’all Public Memory’s new visual for their song “Cruel” directed by Sean Dack and Lucy Swope.

Inspired by the urban legends of ghost hitchhikers, the video for Cruel follows what happens when a New England everyman picks up a spectral passenger on his way home one night. What caused their paths to cross and where will they end?

Employing an array of in-camera optical effects and moody lighting scenarios, the directors sought to capture the shadowy and cinematic nature of Public Memory’s music in the interzones between northern New England’s empty spaces of commerce and ever-present dark rural edgelands.

from directors Sean Dack and Lucy Swope of the band Ghost Cop
Directed by: Sean Dack and Lucy Swope
Cinematography: Sean Dack
Editing: Sean Dack
Art Direction: Lucy Swope
Best Boy: Emmet Swope
Music by: Public Memory
The Driver: Robert Toher
The Ghost: Lucy Swope
Written By

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