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Disgusting and Vile DOOM!
Dakessian “The Poisoned Chalice”

I received a message earlier this week about a band called Dakessian, which I had never heard of before. Once I followed the link and pressed play, my whole being was crushed under the weight of the music I heard. Read below what the band had to say to us and also let me know if you agree with me when I say this fucking band RULES HARD! You can stream Dakessian’s The Poisoned Chalice at their Bandcamp.

“Hey Sean and Meghan, we wanted to send you this as soon as it was completed. You’ll be the first to post about it: Dakessian is a project with Kenny of Fister and Aaron of Lumbar. The music had been recorded at the same time as the Lumbar record (back in 2013) by Aaron, as his MS began making playing very uncomfortable. The collection of songs were shelved for several years, until Kenny and Aaron’s friendship brought them to talks of a shared musical endeavor. Lyrics were written, studio time was booked, mastering was accomplished. Grimoire Cassette Cvlture will release the tracks this summer and Holy Mountain Music will release the tracks as a shirt/patch/digital download as well. For now, stream the two tracks. Keep up the great coverage of music and art, miss you both!” — Aaron D.C. Edge





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