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Death Metal

Expand your consciousness to the sounds of the DIPYGUS//COSMIC REEF TEMPLE 7″ Streaming Now!

What the fuck do we have here? Let me tell y’all I’m about to turn y’all on to the sickest, most cosmically twisted metal split of 2021! Dipygus have teamed up with Cosmic Reef Temple for this mind-bending 7 inch that is SICK AF and then some. “Oasis of the Zombies” by Dipygus is a full-on lurching, drugged-out Death Metal hymn dipped in Mushroom Bile. On the real, I can’t stop playing the track because it’s so bonkers but so right. “Reef Dweller” by Cosmic Reef Temple is an insanely awesome Surf anthem created through the lens of a killer LSD Trip. We are super proud to share with y’all both of these kick-ass jams below and you can pre-order them here from the on-point Wave Guardian Records.

Cover Art by Putrid
Written By

Sentient 51423

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