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DEAF DANCE “A Cold Gaze” LP Review

Deaf Dance released their first LP, the appropriately titled A Cold Gaze. The LA duo consists of vocalist/guitarist Jerry Narrows (who began Deaf Dance two years ago) and keyboardist Julie Louise. They’ve already perfected a great avenue of post-punk.


The LP jumps right into a fast paced danciness that is “Follow Your Light.” Featuring beautiful harmonization, it has a deliciously dark and dreamy tone that’s easy to fall in love with. “Destination” is a stellar shoegaze track with vocals reminiscent of Ian Curtis and some really sick guitar lines. The synths give it both an upbeat synthpop edge and a dramatic yet soft flair. Don’t let the sound fool you through, the lyrics and mood are still unhappy. Check out the recently released music video below!

An obviously highlight is “Garden of Rose,” opening with Narrows’ chants. The dramatic synth lines in this song perfectly reflect the powerfully visual lyrics. The guitar lines throw some light badassery into the flowery flow the song demands. What follows is a sobering change of pace, “Collapse The Demagogue”. Featuring tribal Bauhaus influences, Jerry maintains deep and somber vocals over what’s ultimately a danceable track, but there’s so much depth here I know I’m understating it– my point is, I wish it were longer, it’s one of my favorites! “We Are Not Insaaaaane… Yet” (great title) has my favorite lyrics on A Cold Gaze, it’s clever and has a dizzy shoegaze/darkwave sound feel.



One of the more somber songs on A Cold Gaze is “My Starving Star”. Naturally it’s as dramatic as we’ve come to expect from Deaf Dance and it’s easy to let it really hit you. The guitar lines are particularly beautiful in the saddest way possible. There are Cure influences here and I can see this one being a modern staple for those who like their music as depressed as they are. “King Is Dead” completely changes the vibe with a much faster tone and pace. It’s actually among my favorites on the album, so like “Collapse The Demagogue” it feels far too short. It’s more lyrically simple than the other songs, but it packs a punch.

Can I just say I’m really excited they included “Broken Mirrors” on the LP? That song has been stuck in my head since its release. I’ve had the privilege of hearing it while out with friends or in the car because Dave Cantrell plays it on Songs From Under The Floorboard sometimes, and it’s obvious why – it’s a great song and it would be such a shame for it to go unheard.



Deaf Dance will be playing a Part Time Punks session on April 29th! Don’t miss it if you’re in the LA area!



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Sär is a writer and music enthusiast born and raised in the Portland, OR area. They have been an avid listener of goth, postpunk and deathrock since 2003 and their ultimate goal is to introduce as many people to as many of these amazing bands as possible.

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