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DEAD PREZ’s Let’s Get Free is the most important Punk Album ever created!

My name is Sean Reveron. I was born in L.A. on April 8th, 1969. At the age of 6, my mom moved me and my brother from South Central to Venice Beach Ca. Once I hit the turf, I immersed myself in the 1970’s skateboarding culture that was happening all around me. I was one of the few African American kids skating. While living at the beach, I always went back to the hood to visit my cousins and other family members. I had to fight to be myself because my family members couldn’t understand how I could be a part of what they saw as White Culture, but nothing could stop me from expressing myself as a skater. By the early 80’s, me and all of my Venice homies had discovered the Southern California Hardcore Punk Scene. Again, I found myself being one of the few African American kids in the scene, but again, nothing could stop me from being a Punk. On the real, I never let any of my White friends in the punk scene call me out of my name because of the color of my skin. I was also so lucky that during this time that my mom made me attend a Pan-Africanist school which taught me knowledge of self, while at the same time I was listening to Crass.

Now that you know my history, let me tell you why DEAD PREZ’s Let’s Get Free is one of the most important Punk albums ever created. This record gives voice to the very people that the system wants to oppress. Every song means something, from “I’m African” to “Police State,” they tackle issues that POC face on a daily. This is the kind of music that will have the FBI and NYPD investigate you for no other reason than the fact that you are creating music that’s empowering the masses.

Let’s Get Free isn’t an album that needs to be listened to by everyone, not just POC, because the knowledge that they drop has the power to uplift all of humanity. What really gives White Supremacy power is ignorance. White people who listen to this record with an open mind can hear that DEAD PREZ is dropping knowledge that frees their minds from the shackles of White Supremacy.

This record is more punk than any punk record made, and it’s heavier than any doom record made. Check out the concept of “Animal to Man” and you’ll hear how this group goes against the grain when it comes to the concepts they talk about. Being Punk is about being yourself at any cost, and it’s about going against the status quo at any cost. This is why DEAD PREZ’s Let’s Get Free is one of the most important Punk albums ever created! This is my message to the White people reading this: don’t be afraid of the truth, embrace it. The chains are on your mind, too. The last thing our billionaire system wants you to do is break your chains of brainwashed White Supremacy. Let’s All Get Free Together and go after the real enemies of the state! DEAD PREZ is about the life!

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