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Enter the Dark Hypnotic Sonicverse of DEBBY FRIDAY’s ‘GOOD LUCK’

WTF do we have here? We have DEBBY FRIDAY’s new album Good Luck which is out now on Sub POP and I can’t LIE — my mind has been blown! I have always been a fan of hers, but after this record, I’m a fan for LIFE. Every song is its own sonic planet orbiting around her magical sphere of creativity! The production on tunes like “SO HARD TO TELL” gives me the feeling I felt when I heard Tricky’s “Christiansands” or Björk’s “Possibly Maybe” for the first time. Don’t get it twisted — I repeat, don’t get it twisted — DEBBY’s artistic vision is all of her own. She is truly a force and I feel privileged to be writing about Good Luck which is a ride that I don’t want to end.

You better take a minute and blast the song “I GOT IT (FEAT. UÑAS)” because this dance record will have you shaking your ass no matter where you are at! Both Debby and UÑAS show out while having so much fun together on this track! Then there are Coldwave-Post Punk songs like “HOT LOVE” that make me feel like I’m at a warehouse party in Berlin. If you had to listen to one song this week it should be “LET U DOWN.” Good Luck is such a layered record that I know with each listen I will feel something new.

DEBBY FRIDAY is creating from an honest space where she is a vortex for all of the life experiences to flow through and take the form of songs, sounds, lyrics, and emotions that are otherworldly! Yo DEBBY, I’m beyond impressed with Good Luck. I know the souls of Nina Simone, PJ Harvey, Prince, and Kate Bush are happy for this sister to be in tune with her spirit. Will our record collection be complete without this album? NO!

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