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D-Beat and crust punk with Annapura

San Diego - The Tower Bar. Photo cred: Oscar Aranda.

Annapura is one of the most iconic bands from the capital city in Mexico. Having toured the west coast in USA, and Mexico several times, and with 3 albums (and about to release the fourth) Gabriel, Daniel and Leo are creating music with an unique sound and style: fast drums, deep bass and d-beat riffs.

With only three members, the band has very aggressive sound: short songs (about 1-2 minutes) talking about things happening in Mexico since forever; sharing all the hate we Mexicans have for politics, politicians, police and people in power. I think Annapura represents a lot of the repressed feelings we have in common… so it’s not just a d-beat band with scream and noise, but a band with a strong message. Besides, their show is a thing: when they start playing it’s impossible not to feel that rage inside of you and at least headbang for a bit.

Listening to their previous records it’s easy to notice the progressive improvement and refinement they have developed in their music.

We had a little chat to talk about their experience touring in the states and about their upcoming album.


Oakland – Golden Bull. Photo cred: M. Thorn


You have toured several times in the USA, how did you feel about it? I mean, how was the American public receiving all this powerful Mexican music?

Gabriel: We are well received, people go to the shows with curiosity of watching a band from far away. There’s a lot of support for touring bands.

Daniel: It’s like there wasn’t a frontier or a language limitation.

Is there any difference between the shows you have here in Mexico and in the USA?

Gabriel: Yes, in the States everybody has their own equipment, and here in Mexico we share some stuff sometimes.

You have far now three albums, what can you tell us about your new stuff?

Gabriel: With the new album, I think the band gained a heavier and more furious sound, it’s the one that sounds better. We recorded it during the tour with Greg Wilkinson in Earhammer Studios in Oakland – he did an amazing job and we are super happy with it.

How did the band started? 

Daniel: Annapura started in 2013, we went to a show and the band we wanted to see only played like 5 minutes, and we wanted to see more. Days after we decided to play with the intention of making a very explosive set that shocked people. In 2017, Leo joined the band to play drums and that gave the band a more aggressive and faster sound.

How would you describe the new album?

Leo: I didn’t work on the previous albums, but I will describe the “essence” of Annapura, the same conviction: fast punk, but faster. I wanted to contribute something to a band that was already amazing, how could I make it better with my own style and my influences, without changing the essence of the band.




Mexican woman with a deep love for black metal, powerviolence and doom. -Keep depressive and listen to Xasthur-

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