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This is fucking hot off the press Ireland’s OWLCRUSHER is one of my new favorite HATE-FILLED DOOM Bands. I just found them yesterday off our comrade Kim Kelly’s twitter – she said they were the shit, and she was right! The vocals on this release are freaking demonic as HELL and sound like they are pure bile that can eat through your flesh. Musically, this band is all the way live and the song writing is on point. This is not a full review – that will come later. This is a public service announcement for all underground Doom heads to know that OWLCRUSHER is CVLT Nation’s new fucking new favorite HATE-FILLED DOOM band, and we want to hear way more from them! I want to know, what format do they plan to release this on, or maybe I should say what label is going to sign them now after reading this feature?


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Relapse DF 92123
Sentient 51423

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