CVLT Nation’s Label Spotlight:
Transylvanian Tapes

Come with us and take a trip deep into the underground caverns where Transylvanian Tapes dwells. Since it started in 2011, this label has done nothing but release sickening, stellar tapes one after another. The humans behind Transylvanian Tapes are way fucking committed to sharing with the world bands that will never compromise on delivering a high dose of filth! Through these guys, the Bay Area and beyond will serve you huge plate of decaying riffs!!! Make sure to check out the brand new release by
Badr Vogu – Agglomeration XXIV and the soon to be released Naught – Tómhyggjublús.


1. The first offering from Transylvanian Tapes was the death-to-the-grill demo by MORTUOUS. Over the course of 6 songs, this band lays down a grim foundation for why this San Jose horde of vicious riff merchants should get their just fucking due! When blast this tape, I get the feeling that I’m being dragged by neck into a deep, dark crypt. Press play below and allow your journey into the world of MORTUOUS begin.


2. Slow, black thunder and a heavy rain of human remains are the things I think about when I blast CAFFA’s Day Of Disease. This band knows how to bring the corpse groove to the tunes that they conjure up! Every song on this tape is putrid as fuck, but at the same time it’s rocking, as if Chuck Berry was possessed by the ghost Death Metal’s past! I’m going to kill the noise, now do your job and press play…Make this your Day Of Disease!


3. Unholy shit, CYANIC is so fucking amazing!!! Their tape Litanies of Unholy Lust is a monolithic death blow to everything pure!!!I’m not even going to say more – besides, press play and buy this tape RIGHT NOW!!!


4. Are you fiending for some violent aggressive grindcore? Well Transylvanian Tapes has the the remedy, and they go by the name of FIEND! This Fresno gang of speed warriors know how manifest that you-better-recognize kind of music that will get you hyped. Check out their blazing 2013 demo below and watch how you become a fiend for FIEND.


5. I’m totally blown away by how rad XENOTAPH’s tape Vitae Iactura came out! Every I moment listen to this band, I realize how special of a place the Bay Area has been for underground music. If you are a fan of black metal and do not own this tape, something is wrong. Do whatever you have to do and make XENOTAPH’s tape Vitae Iactura a part of your collection…Peep the full review of this project HERE!


6. All I have to say is that SWAMP WITCH is in a doom league of their own. Load your motherfucking bong, press play, then let the witch drown you in some cosmic DOOM!



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Chris Alfano
Chris Alfano

Great picks, Sean. I became aware of this label a few months ago, so it’s really cool that you’re covering them. 🙂