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Cvlt Nation Interviews Xentrifuge!

Xentrifuge are a harsh industrial duo from New York who have a new album out on Cleopatra Records! Desensitized Parallels is available digitally and on CD. Their music video for “Circles of Dust” released back in February is pure ritualistic gothic madness. My interview with the band below reveals some of their history, interests, and mainly, more about the severe sound they put out.

[youtube id=”abzMqOCvyIQ”]
What inspired you to begin making music in 2005?

Chris X: I have worked in many bands and a range of genres from my early teens, all with varying success. In 2005 I decided to go all electronic. While working and trying to launch an industrial project, I starting experimenting with a noise structured sound infused with dark ​EBM​. It immediately clicked in the studio, and Xentrifuge was born.

What do you tend to write about lyrically?

The new album is a collection of art rather than a concept album. We touch on topics ranging from belief systems, afterlife, extinction, addressing personal demons, but in a very abstract way to keep the listeners open to ​be able to ​interpret the album ​in ​their own way and how it can relate to them on any level.

What is the NJ-NYC industrial scene like? Do you play a lot of shows out there?

The NJ-NYC industrial scene is great! It’s booming over here. There is always something going on, always plenty of great events and shows. There ​are​ a lot of awesome bands, promoters and organizers. We tend to perform fairly often in this area, especially in the coming weeks and months. At the same time you gotta give it all you got and keep on your toes. It’s NYC and not always easy to stand out amongst so many very good artists.

How has the music changed since the addition of Lisa Hellen years after Xentrifuge’s inception?

We think it’s changed drastically for the better. It’s essentially almost a new band in ways. We maintained a lot of the ​X​entrifuge sound but everything else is new. Our shows are completely different and much more advanced​,​ despite having 2 less members. Lisa takes care of that void all around.

Desensitized Parallels is your first full length album in nearly a decade! What was the process for writing and recording like after so long? Was in very different from when you recorded the first two albums?

It was very different. The whole mood and atmosphere was and is much better. I kind of jumped back in from where I had left off with some upgrading and adapting. After a while a new routine formed and we plan to keep advancing as much as possible.


What are some of your favorite albums?

Collectively some would be, Diary of Dreams ​ ​-​​​ Bird ​W​ithout ​W​ings II​​, Wumpscut​ ​-​ ​Mesner ​T​racks​​, Leather Strip​ – Legacy​​, Switchblade Symphony -​ Serpentine Gallery​​. Every Nirvana album, the list goes on forever. Some newer albums would be, Bornless Fire​ – ​Arcanum​, ​ Adoration Destroyed​, ​Ritual Deconstruction​, ​3teeth​ ​-​ ​shutdownexe​.​

What is the most memorable show you’ve played?

Probably our support slot with Hocico at Stage 48​-​ NYC 2016 ​O​fensor ​T​our. The crowd reaction was intensely awesome and really made us focus on our stage production. The response was incredible. Being a 2 piece band isn’t easy, but both bands really tore it up that night.

What do you like to during your downtime when you’re not creating and performing?

It’s not often we have much down time. Music and everyday life itself consume us, but when we get the chance we try to catch up on our favorite TV shows​ – ​Vikings, Britan​nia​. ​We ​love hanging with our 3 yr old goddaughter Brielle, so much fun.

How long did it take you guys to record the video for “Circles of Dust”? It looks like it was really fun to film!

The video was definitely one of the funnest projects we have done so far. We shot all in one day. The crew was amazing all around. I had a story concept and our DP absolutely nailed it​. The performance takes were just on the spot, no rehearsal takes. We went on set and just started wailing to the playback track. We approached it as playing a show to our film crew in a big machine room.

Is there a tour on the horizon? Who would you tour with if you could with any living band?

There is some very cool things in the works and announcements very soon. From a business standing​,​ the obvious answer is NIN, but artistically standing, Diary of Dreams​. ​



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Sär is a writer and music enthusiast born and raised in the Portland, OR area. They have been an avid listener of goth, postpunk and deathrock since 2003 and their ultimate goal is to introduce as many people to as many of these amazing bands as possible.

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