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DOOM headlines TEMPLES Fest May 2nd to 4th, 2014

A bit of a Rolling Stones type of question, but why do you think Doom has had such staying power? Where does inspiration come from these days?

SCOOT – Doom inspired me in 1988 before I ever knew I would be playing with them or touring/traveling meeting people. I think Doom has something sincere and it shows especially with the music/noise that is made and the conviction of the lyrics! Not all of us were lucky enough to know bands like Discard/Asocial/Disarm/Crude SS etc back in the mid to late 80s, so when I heard Doom for the first time, it was something different from all the other “fast” bands, and opened the door to many ethical and musical paths.

BRI – Not sure. Maybe because it’s always been a part of us – even when we were in hiatus or when I wasn’t in the band, it still meant something to me. We’ve always tried to keep Doom DIY and not to let it get watered down. The inspiration now is the same as when I started the band. It is my way of expressing my anger at how the world is. A way to make noise & speak out and to hopefully inspire others to do the same.

Do you think that, lyrically, songs bother people as much as they used to, or make them question things in the same way? Is it a very conscious thing for you when writing a song that they be political or sociological statements? Do you still have the same convictions as you did with the earlier lyrics?

SCOOT – I think there are a core of people who care about the lyrics and music, and then some who only care about the one or the other. It frustrates me if people don’t read/understand what we shout about, as the lyrics are important and we are saying “open your fucking eyes and see what is happening around you, happening TO YOU – start to give a damn”!

BRI – Lyrics are important. It was, and still is, a conscious decision to make our lyrics simple and to the point, whether they are political or sociological. My lyrics are usually a statement/comment on things that piss me off, things that need exposing/challenging. Whether people are bothered or not is something we can’t control, but the feedback I’ve got from all over the world over the years reveals the answer to be ‘yes’. Lyrics/punk changed my life and the way I think, and I hope our lyrics still have that effect. I might think slightly differently now than when I did in my teens, but in general the same things piss me off. The older I get the angrier I get.


On the new album, you have a song ‘Con Dem Nation’ about voting. An age old question, but do you think voting changes anything?

SCOOT – Not from what I can see, and I don’t have a smart answer, but again, is it the lesser of two evils or merely swapping shit for shite? I think this con-dem government just shows you how we are stuck, and no matter who you vote for, they are gonna shaft us! Very depressing really.

BRI – No. The only political parties that get voted in are the ones that tread the middle ground and those who protect the ruling classes and the business elite. This is not democracy, it is merely a charade to make people think they have a say and that they are in control of their lives. In reality, it is a capitalist plutonomy, where the only winners are the rich ruling classes. Of course some parties are worse than others, but there is not really any difference.

Do you think being involved with a band like Doom and the underground diy punk scene has changed your life in many ways?

SCOOT – Yes! It showed me there was a scene out there – actually I prefer the word “community” – and that there still IS, no matter how jaded some people can be about it at times! There are people putting on gigs, releasing their own stuff, making zines, holding groups etc. – it isn’t always easy, but it’s there!

BRI – Yes. It has empowered me. It has taught me that things are possible when you take greed, profit and the “music business” out of the equation. This is our music/scene, not some faceless business opportunity to be exploited.

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