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CVLT Nation Captures: Lil Ugly Mane/Gatecreeper/Sex Prisoner+More

The clout gods smiled down on AZ recently as they delivered the social event of the year to the distraught and depraved residents of  Tucson and Phoenix. Let’s face it, Instagram culture has forced promoters to incorporate more diversity into their lineups and obviously the shows featured in this photo essay are no exception. Somehow, in the midst of two nights of shreddin’ tears and crushin’ beers, photogenic evidence has emerged thanks to the keen eye of Eduardo Cruz. Sure, Arizona is a beige-painted wasteland but frankly, every band in this state is killing it right now and the photos below are an obvious testament to that, enjoy.

All photos by AZ legend Eduardo Cruz:

Flyer by Collin Fletcher

Bloodlust…lusting for blood I assume.

Body of Light

Sex Prisoner



Lil Ugly Mane

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