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Crucial Blast Issues Free Carrion Anthems Label Sampler

Is there any label on the planet that can do it like CRUCIAL BLAST? Hell NO!!! Check out their new name-your-own-price 22 track sampler called Carrion Anthems…Peep what they have to say about it below before you download it! All Hail CRUCIAL BLAST!

Carrion Anthems features a variety of tracks taken from new, recent, and forthcoming releases from Crucial Blast. Ranging from crushing death industrial, outré black metal, misanthropic power electronics, jet-black ambient, twisted blackened industrial heaviness, occult darkwave, and noise-damaged death metal, this twenty-two track compilation showcases Crucial Blast’s latest forays into the strangest subterranea of the black/death/industrial/ambient underground. With nearly two hours of music, the sampler includes as-yet unreleased tracks from upcoming releases from GNAW THEIR TONGUES, DEGENERATE SLUG, LUASA RAELON, and PERSISTENCE IN MOURNING, as well as tracks from recent label releases from EPISTASIS, CLOAK OF ALTERING, T.O.M.B., THEOLOGIAN, EMIT, ENBILULUGUGAL and more.

Carrion Anthems Track Listing:
1. THEOLOGIAN – Ectothermism
2. ROTORVATOR – Humming Bones
3. EPISTASIS – Witch
4. DEATH FACTORY – Succumb To The Beast
5. LUCIFERS FORESKIN – Incest of Wasp
6. MORS SONAT – Holy Holy Holy Nil
8. HUSERE GRAV – Hesitation
9. CURSEWORSHIP – Summoning
10. CROWN OF BONE – Cathedrals Of Rot
11. LUASA RAELON – Predatory Lakes
12. CLOAK OF ALTERING – White Inverted Void
13. EMIT – Shades Over The Mere
14. ENBILULUGUGAL – Return to Hellrokken GoatSex
15. PERSISTENCE IN MOURNING – A Grim Pageant Of Death
16. GNAW THEIR TONGUES – Glorification Of Rats
17. CAULBEARER – The Absorbing Ghost II
18. BAGMAN – Hunting Ground
19. T.O.M.B. – Maz Ov Tha Damd
21. BÊTE LUMINEUSE – Possession Hypnotique
22. HAL HUTCHINSON – Metalwork Installation III

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