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Avant Garde

No Mercy! Experience the Howling voices of Sonic Torment: CROWN OF ASCENSION “Twixt Zero and Infinity”

Have you ever seen beauty in horrific sounds? Have you watched a sunset but all you can see is death? Have you ever heard thunder and wanted it to be louder? For me, the answer is yes and the soundtrack for these kinds of thoughts is the new Crown of Ascension tape entitled Twixt Zero and Infinity that’s coming out on Dec. 4th via Xenoglossy Productions. When you first hear this project, you might feel like you have been captured by a swirling storm of sonic black hate, but if you listen closely you will hear beautiful birds flying in between the harsh sounds of filth. The emotion that this project manifests is otherworldly and majestic! Crown of Ascension songs harness both the light and the darkness perfectly! I’m super stoked to share their self-titled song “Twixt Zero and Infinity” below and you can pre-order the tape here!

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