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Creative Adult – Psychic Mess

Creative Adult – Psychic Mess
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In this day and age, I feel like most bands skip out on the “album writing process” and try to piece together song after song to form an album. There’s something about being able to sit down, put on a record and listen to it from start to finish, without having the urge to skip a track. When there is a cohesive bond between each song, with a well-crafted flow from one to the next, it makes the overall listening process that much more enjoyable.

Psychic Mess is the debut full-length from Bay Area post-punkers Creative Adult. Prior to this record, they have released 2 incredible EP’s. The musical progression from Dead Air to Bulls In the Yard is almost seamless, as it sounds like a continuation of a record that was split up into 2 releases. Though, the transition from Bulls… to Psychic Mess is a completely different animal.

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The record starts off with the song “Control My Eyes,” as a riff with a simple nod to the likes of Sonic Youth slowly beings to develop. This track sets the mood for the rest of the album, as track after track the fuzzed out guitars and ominous vocals seem to echo through a cave of catchy hooks. Some other stand out tracks for me are “Far Out” and “Halfway”.

As the record moves forward, they begin to bring in some elements of psych rock and synth pop, which is a combination that is not often attempted, and I really wish was. They tap into those genres with the song “Psychic Message,” a 4-minute-long acid trip that could’ve gone on for 20 minutes and I don’t think there would be a complaint on my end. “Exposed” is another brilliant example of how genres collide on this record. It’s one of the more synth-heavy tracks on the album, but it still has the grit.


The Bay Area is known for its explosion of psych rock in the 70’s and its aggressive punk culture. I think Psychic Mess is an excellent collision of both of those things, while brushing on some other genres along the way. Overall, this is one of the more creative and artistic albums I’ve heard from a punk band in many years. It hits me the same way The Chemistry of Common Life by Fucked Up did. Creative Adult is a punk band looking past what’s been beaten to death for many years, and I can’t wait to see where they go from here.

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