A Chilling 1984 Performance by The DICKS!!!

The DICKS were next level – Gary sang like a motherfucker, plus they wrote amazing songs! In 1984, GoldenVoice put together a stacked line up that consisted of DISCHARGE, MDC, SOCIAL DISTORTION, CODE OF HONOR, THE DICKS and DECRY. I was there, and in my book Gary and crew stole the show. Watching the footage from this historic night gives me chills, and I feel so lucky to share this amazing night with CVLT Nation readers. What I loved about this show was the killer dancing on stage. I also have to say thanks to Gary Tovar and the GoldenVoice crew for having the foresight to capture so many of their shows on film, because back in the day that was not an easy task! The same night, Discharge came out on some glam shit and got booed.





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