Chaos Incarnated: DECOHERENCE Self-Titled Debut Exclusive Premiere

Mysterious UK Black Metal darklords Decoherence debut today on Sentient Ruin with a malefic blast of incinerating atmospheric black metal mindfuckery that will leave your senses ravaged and agonizing in wonder. We’re stoked to stream the beast in full, witness with your own ears….

In their debut 7″ you will hear horrors from another dimension coming to life and clawing at existence from a realm unknown. The blood-chilling EP consists of two title-less tracks that blast reality with misery evoking the vastness and majesty fo bands like Darkspace, Voidsphere, and Skáphe while spewing forth a godless deluge of malefic aural mayhem in the vein of Antaeus, Leviathan, or Funeral Mist. The result is entrancing just as it is hideous, and while short the tenebrous EP is so insanely dense and vast-feeling that it just leaves you wondering from what godless and ruinous realm of chaos it has spawned and what the fuck will come after it. Red vinyl and custom packaging featuring art by surreal horror maestro Stephen Wilson. Grab vinyl and digital downloads from Sentient Ruin here or here.


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