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1983 to 1984 was a crazy year in my life and in the world. Apartheid was oppressing the non-whites of South Africa and had seemed like it would never end. The threat of Nuclear War was on all of our minds, especially with made for TV movies like The Day After being aired. The

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“Sweet lovely death, I am waitin’ for your breath. Come, sweet death, one last caress”– Glenn Danzig via Flashbak Franz Fiedler (17 February 1885 in Prostějov, Austria-Hungary – 5 February 1956 in Dresden, GDR) was a photographer. This album of c. 1925 photos comprises gelatin silver prints shows a nude

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If anyone remembers the shock site Ogrish at all, they’d be likely to describe it as ‘the Bestgore of its day’, but at its most potent it hovered on the periphery of popular culture, offering up beheadings and atrocities like event TV while being accused of operating in symbiosis with terrorist

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This feature was taken from The Line up If you’re ever hoping to keep yourself awake late at night, just think about the fact that not all serial killers get caught. In fact, some of the most terrifying serial killers of all time remain unidentified.  Case in point: the murderers

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Right now my mind is not right, so I need to look at something to escape my reality. Check out these medical gore pictures I have been looking at today! Things aren’t so bad after all… Be careful around trees from r/MedicalGore Nose to steering wheel in unrestrained MVA +

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One of the greatest sources of inspiration when following a band through their inception on to bigger things is when you see a group venture into uncharted waters. Experimentation is how we got to where we are as a musical world. Just think if we got stuck covering Beatles songs

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