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via Monster Brains Anyone else bored by modern day movie posters here in North America? I feel like a lot of the time it’s just a black background with a date on it. All the glitz and glamor is saved for the overpriced theatre. I would go to a lot

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I find inspiration in many different places! One thing that has always inspired me is art, and being able to find some of my favorite artist on instagram is the best. Today I want to turn you on to some illustrators from all over the world that I really fucking

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Imagine you’re at a flea market or in a library. You target some juicy old book, open it and…find out it’s filled with personal notes and doodles on the pages’ margins. Ever happened in real life? If you’re one of those people who value books as a sacred objects and

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I love art of all kinds but I really love art that has a message! Which is why the art work of Adam Kindred aka Archaic Filth speaks to me so much! Many of his pieces actually paint the picture of death and destruction that the corruption//greed of humanity has done to

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ArtIllustrationStreet Art

So what happens when art and devotion collide? You get battle jackets and battle vests. I have three different ones, because I collect band patches and can never stop myself from sewing them on to something. I also can never get enough of looking at vests made by other people.

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Some truly artistic people don’t know how to communicate with #normcore culture. Their visions are so all-encompassing, their need to put brush or pen to paper so engulfing, that they find it almost unbearable to spend time away from their creations with those who can’t comprehend their eccentricity. One such

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