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Black Metal

Caïna – We Sleep
Exclusive Track Stream

Manchester’s Caïna has been slowly but surely making a comeback onto the black metal scene and with a fresh new perspective due to striking a deal with cult label Church Of Fuck.. Andrew Curtis-Brignell offers two brand new tracks on this split with fellow Manchester crew Esoteric Youth (who are streaming one of their tracks with Tight To The Nail right now) and the two sides of Caïna have never been so apparent. While “We Sleep” is a fiery and often gorgeous ode, “Apocrypha” owes more to early hardcore and Andy’s roots in music.

Says Andy of the split and his new tracks – “Esoteric Youth are among our most exciting, visceral and challenging bands and I am beyond thrilled to be releasing this tape, particularly as it continues my relationship with Church Of Fuck, for me the best underground imprint in the UK. ‘We Sleep’ is a mantra-weapon against Abrahamic slave-shackle eschatology – do not live for some great reward, live a complete life NOW or you may as well have never been born. ‘Apocrypha’ is a true story from the future. Watch the skies.”

The split will be available on cassette soon and can be pre-ordered on a white or pink tape with a turquoise variation only available direct from the bands involved at shows.

Listen to “We Sleep” below and pre-order from Church Of Fuck or Swarm Of Nails now.

Esoteric Youth_Caina_Split_cover_low_res

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